Hexagon Pro is now Straight Dutch

Straight Dutch delivers the advice your accountant should have given you. We offer business solutions because we have the operational and entrepreneurial experience your accountant does not have. We translate and interpret the numbers and real world situation of your business into workable and cost effective solutions. In 2019, cost reduction, risk mitigation, contingency planning, overall efficiency and quality gains are becoming more important than ever. We can save you time and money and help to implement the solution. We do not beat about the bush, we are straightforward in our approach and direct in our communication. We prevent and fix problems preferably before they arise.

We improve your margins by reducing costs, adding flexibility and reducing risk:

• Contingency Planning (e.g. Brexit)

• Operational Efficiency Gains

• Cost Reduction Proposals

• To prepare for the declining economic climate

Although Brexit poses a risk to UK business overall, we believe there are ample opportunities to be found in the oncoming economic disturbances. If you are better prepared than your competitors, you are more likely to come out on top.

Contact us to discuss how we can add value to your organisation and improve your business. Our focus is aimed directly at boosting your margins and increasing sustainability. Visit our new website: https://www.straightdutch.com