EVTOL Project

Managed by Hexagon

Hexagon PML - Integrated Modular Business Solutions

To emphasise our expertise on integrating Business, Engineering, Operations and Technology development, we would like to share a innovative aviation program we are managing in Aerwin Aviation.

This program has as core objective to develop an Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft (EVTOL), as part of an integrated Electric Personal Air Transport Systems and Vehicles (EPATS) strategy. Although this mode of transport will not be a mass market any time soon, many of these vehicles will be flying within a few decades.

The EVTOL vehicle is for the General Aviation market, personal and urban air transport in particular. In 2008 our people oversaw the design and development of a composite Electric VTOL aircraft, which saw its successful maiden-flight on 09-09-2009. Although electric flight is still in its infancy, the current estimate for the electric aviation industry is to be worth billions before the end of the coming decade.

Airbus has invested $ 150 million in A3 over in California. One can imagine the price tag that comes with those new EVTOL aircraft. Our program will develop and deliver a safe, comfortable and economic EVTOL aircraft for less than 20% of such an investment and deliver 80% of the capabilities. Then delivering the EVTOL vehicles against a price that suits many more people, this will set in motion the democratisation of personal air transport.

The coming together of electric propulsion, battery technology, autonomous vehicle control, unmanned flight and clogged traffic arteries in and around urban areas, are leading to increased development in fully autonomous freight and people carrying vehicles, some of which will be aircraft.

On behalf of Aerwin Aviation, we initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of teams to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. The program is a temporary endeavor designed to produce unique products and services, has a defined beginning and end, bringing about beneficial change and added value to all stakeholders.

As is - and should be- an integral part of aviation culture, we are dedicated to safety, reliability and quality, without losing sight of effectiveness and efficiency.