Hexagon PRO Business Rescue

When in trouble, there is no need to be ashamed as it can happen to all of us. At any given time 15% of SME businesses in the UK are distressed or heading for insolvency. When a company is at this stage, business owners and directors often resort to jumping from one crocodile's back to the next, just to cross the river. If you experience this in your business; then you might well be in need of a turnaround solution. And you should, before it is too late.

Not only would you lose your business and have to deal with the fallout; what happens to the intrinsic value you have created and is locked up in your business. In addition, your employees, your creditors and clients will face grave uncertainty. We know it took you a lot of time and hard work to gather the resources, clients and organisation. We know, because we build up businesses and overcame failures and turnarounds as well.

To help SME businesses, we have developed our Proactive REscue and Turnaround (PRET) program specifically for companies with 20 to 250 people. Within this program we are helping businesses who are in significant financial trouble and we aim to rescue the value of companies, minimise the risk to clients and creditors and retain the business owners' and directors' pride,. These items would get lost or heavily damaged if a business disappears.

How the PRET program works for SMEs

1. You call us on 01737 652 169 and offer us a free coffee.

2. We meet at a location of your choice to discuss the current situation, no obligations, no fees.

2. Together we decide if it makes sense to execute a covert two day company scan.

3. We deliver a written report to you within 24 hours and we decide if we understand each other .

4. If we both agree, we go through your organisation for another three days and compile a list of priorities.

5. You remain in control - after we agree on the tasks to start immediate fire fighting on the main issues.

6. Only if you want us to - we work with you for any length of time to turn the ship around, your choice.

7. Upon entering calmer waters and you do not need us as much, we downscale our involvement.

8. After the rescue/consolidation period, we can help you with program and project management.

9. You remain in control - your business is yours, we stand by you to help when you call out for us

During all of this we tailor our fee structure to the capabilities of the business. We are straightforward, no nonsense people and want to add value. As directors/owners of our own business, we truly understand you as a business owner and/or director, this makes us better able to help you improve your business with an entrepreneurial spirit.

During the program, we create a tailored set of projects, first to rescue, then to turn around. This means we work with you to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of teams to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. Our projects are temporary endeavors designed to produce achievable results, with a defined beginning and end, bringing about beneficial change or added value to you, our clients and society.

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